Jewelry Designer, Karen Harris Christian

Karen was born in a small town in Tennessee. While growing up in her father’s church, she often admired the way her mother, the First Lady of the Church, and the other "church ladies"  dressed, wearing their beautiful hats and unusual jewelry!  Many times, you could find Karen playing in her mother's jewelry box taking a special interest in the antique, eclectic and rare pieces.  Karen dreamed of the day that she, too, could wear such shiny and unique pieces!

Karen has always had an affinity for the arts.  As a young girl, she sang in the church and with her two sisters in a musical group, the Harris Sisters - formed and directed by her Mother.   After finishing college, she moved to Atlanta, where she continued singing in choirs and groups.  She was also a background singer for a major recording artist; and her music career took her throughout the U.S., Europe and Canada where she continued to admire and study unusual, creative, and fashionable items. Even so, she never could forget the beautiful pieces found in that little jewelry box at home;  and longed to design unique jewelry.

As her fashion sense and creative skills began to blossom,  on a whim, Karen created a beautiful vintage-inspired button bracelet for her mom and herself from the hundreds of buttons that her mom had collected throughout the years.  Her friends and family members admired it so much that they wanted one of their own.  Out of this, a  business began.

Karen wears one of her bracelets every day.  These "conversation pieces" have held their brilliancy for over 10 years.  Its elegance and uniqueness have led to requests for matching earrings and necklaces. This bracelet, originally created from love and a desire to please loved ones, is now the signature bracelet of “Her Song Jewelry and Designs"; and these creations of jewelry, first visualized in a child’s imagination, are still made with love and care.  It is our hope that when wearing a distinctive piece from “Her Song”, the song of your life will be uplifting, positive and inspiring.

Thank you for choosing "Her Song Jewelry and Designs".