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Her Song, a Christian-based business, creates distinctive pieces of jewelry and designs for females and males. These sometimes bold, yet lightweight, eye-catching pieces are handmade meticulously to provide years of satisfaction and wear. Her Song is proud to offer a guarantee-for-life policy to its clients who sign up for an account with us. Our pieces are embellished with some of the same types of semi-precious gems and stones used by some of the most respected jewelry designers in the business.

Some of Karen's favorite elements and materials, used when crafting these masterpieces, are silver-plated Italian brass chain, faceted fire agate, swarovski crystals, Czech glass beads, calcite, horn, freshwater pearls, brass, faceted Chinese glass and more findings often discovered during shopping ventures to antique stores. The pieces created by Karen are limited editions or one-of-a-kinds!

Jewelry pieces may be custom-designed for you by contacting us.

The name, Her Song, pays special tribute to Mildred Harris, mother of "Her Song" owner, Karen Harris Christian. Mrs. Mildred was well-known throughout her community for her beautiful singing voice, words of encouragement, gentle spirit, and songs of praise.

Mrs. Mildred surprised by friends at retirement party

"Her Song Jewelry
and Designs" pays homage to the millions of people diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease by donating three percent of the company profits to the Alzheimer's Association.

Her Song is so named for another reason. It is our hope that wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry, created with love and goodwill, will bring out a special song in the lives of everyone who wears Her Song.

Thank you for choosing Her Song Jewelry!

Be inspired; inspire others by wearing it!